NINE_104 // 9U 104HP

NINE_104 // 9U 104HP

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The NINE_104 - our 9U / 104HP case is our largest portable case. This handcrafted case offers more space than our compact series, but still features a sleek and durable design which makes it a great option for in the studio or on the road. With a lid that closes securely while still allowing plenty of room for a full patch, this case features three bus boards offering 57 headers total, with 18 of these including an additional layer of filtering to feed analog modules that are sensitive to power quality issues. This case comes with an automatic upgrade to the Konstant Lab HammerPWR which offers +12V output at 5A, -12V output at 2.5A, +5V output at 2A, and each purchase includes your power brick and cable as well.


  • 9U / 104HP
  • Dimensions: 22” x 16.5” x 6.5”
  • Durable Baltic Birch construction
  • (30) M3 Sliding Nuts per Rail (180 Total)
  • Upgrade to Threaded Nut Strips available
  • Lid can be closed with a full patch
  • Rugged textured coating
  • Anti-slip rubber feet
  • Weight: ~18 lbs
  • Max Module Depth: ~2.5 inches
  • Side-mounted power switch and adapter inlet
  • Purchase includes (3) bus boards offering 57 headers total, 18 of which offer additional filtering
  • Purchase of case includes external power brick and power cable


*** This model will ship within 30 business days. ***
***Product photos coming soon!***