Blackhole Cases was founded in the summer of 2018 by Aaron Hardy, a self-taught musician, maker, and lifelong DIY enthusiast whose discovery of electronic music quickly immersed him in the world of modular. As his affinity for all things modular continued to grow, so did his fondness for woodworking, until he was eventually inspired to try making a Eurorack case of his own. What began as a hobby quickly became a passion, and that passion became Blackhole Cases.
Based out of Dayton, Ohio, our Eurorack cases are hand-built one by one, ensuring that each and every case leaves our shop ready to live up to its full potential. As musicians ourselves, we have designed our product with the artist in mind. We have manufactured designs that we believe to be functional, durable, sleek, and innovative. Simply put: We have strived to create a case that we would want to include in our own rig - both in studio and on the road, and we hope that you feel the same.